Anna Starobinets (1978, Moscow) – writer, scriptwriter.

Works in various genres: writes sci-fi, dystopias and horrors for adults; fairy and detective stories for children.
Awarded with various Russian and European literature prizes - including European Science Fiction Society (ESFS) award in nomination «Best European Sci-fi author» (EuroCon-2018). more info about Starobinets’ awards
Author of "The Beastly Crime Chronicles" - book series for kids, bestseller-2018-2020 in Russia, translated into 9 languages.
Her books are translated and published in Great Britain, USA, Japan, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Latvia, Czech Republic, Turkey, etc. more info about Starobinets’ books translations
Anna Starobinets teaches creative writing in her own Creative Workshop. Author and presenter of educational games "Literary mafia: interactive detective" and "Literary magic: interactive fantasy".
Her only non-fiction autobiographical book "Look at him" deals with anti-human approach to pregnant women with fetus pathologies in Russian social and medical systems. The book was written in order to speak out loud about the problem which is traditionally hidden and to force social changes. It lead to a broad discussion in literary and medical society.
Anna is a widow of Alexander Garros, the writer. Raising two kids and a puddle Coconut.
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