«Tienes que mirar» is in the list of the best 2021 books according to the Spanish media El País, TELVA, ELLE, Esquire and Forbes
«Big Tale» award named after Eduard Uspensky 2021 - prize in nomination «Fairy Tale» (the book «Beast Tales»)
Spanish fiction book festival «Celsius 232» - directorate award
Longlisted for Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award for «Big Tale»
Laureate of the award «Russian detective» in nomination «Сhildren's detective» for «Mango Gods»
EuroCon-2018 (ESFS Awards) prize in nomination «Best author»
«Catlantis» by Anna Starobiets - an Observer and Telegraph Book of the Year (Great Britain)
Winner of the Ozon Award (Russia) in nomination «Readers’ choice»
Winner of the Imaginales book festival in Epinal (France) for the novel «Refuge 3/9»
Shortlisted for Une Autre Terre (France) for «The Living»
Utopiales Sci-Fi book festival (France) – laureate
Finalist of the Prix Masterton (France) for the «Awkward Age»
Winner of the National Bestseller Prize (Russia) in nomination «The Start» for the «Icarus Gland»
Finalist of the National Bestseller Prize (Russia) for the novel «The Living»
Shortlisted for the Premio Ignotus for the best foreign story
Winner of the International Assembly of Sci-fi «The Portal» (Ukraine) for the novel «The Living»
Winner of the Premio Nocte for the best foreign story, Spain