Screenplays for theater and cinema
« YA. L. A. S», a play based on fantastic stories by Anna Starobinets. Played in the Non-normative Plastics Theater. Directed by Roman Kaganovich
«Beasty Crime Chrinicles», a play based on the book «In the Wolf’s Lair» by Anna Starobinets; Fanny Bell House, a theater for children.
«Beasty Crime Chrinicles», a detective play based on «Beasty Crime Chrinicles» book series by Anna Starobinets; the ARTiSHOK theater, Almaty.
«Логово волка & звездная болезнь», a play based on «Логово волка» book. «Логово волка» is a part of «Зверский детектив» book series by Anna Starobinets. Children's theater studio Дети Райка
«Логово волка & звездная болезнь», спектакль по мотивам книги «Логово волка» литературной серии «Зверский детектив» Анны Старобинец, детская театральная студия «Дети Райка»

«The Beast» – horror film; author of the story

«Look at him» – theatre production directed by Roman Koganovich in St.Petersburg, based on Anna Starobinets autobiographical book with the same title. Repertoire of St.Petersburg theatre «Skorohod»
«Green Pastures/ Parasite» - theatre production directed by Julia Aug based on Anna Starobinets’ stories.
Repertoire of Novosibirsky theatre «The Old House», participant of the theatre festival in Saint-Petersburg «Point of Access»; shortlisted for the program «Mask+» in Moscow (2018)
Documentary TV-series «Tolstoys», episode «Osterman-Tolstoy»  – scriptwriter.
TV-channel «Culture»
«The Land of Good Kids», film for children based on Anna Starobinets’ book «The Land of Good Girls», scriptwriter. «Novye Lyudy» production.
«The Book of Masters» – film for children, scriptwriter.
Walt Disney Russia